Monday, December 22, 2008

22nd, Dec 2008
You know that feeling, when you feel really really realllllllyyyyy pissed off???? well, that's how I'm feeling right now!!!
There doesn't seem anything, absolutely anything that I do that pleases everyone around me and just for a change, keeps their traps shut!!!
Almost everyone wants a part of me, wants me to do something for them or just wants me to do something that I don't have the time to finish!! and since I don't finish it, they sulk!!
I'm so sick and tired of this that I really don't want to do anything anymore. Was reading 'Atlas Shrugged' and could identify a little with Hank Rearden. How the hell does one live with people who have a totall disregard for one's work most of the time?? I love my work but these people just don't let me enjoy it in peace!!! Oh, when will I grow old enough to move out into my own studio appartment??? When will I get the peace of being in my own company for a change? Whenever it wil be, It can't be soon enough....... 

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